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Credential Evaluations

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If your documents are in a foreign language and you do not have a certified translation, we can provide a translation quote. Please select one of the following options:

Submission of Academic Records and Authentication

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Note: Institutions in the U.S. require evaluations to be completed based on official or authenticated documents. If it is difficult for you to obtain official documents, IFCS can authenticate your documents directly with the issuing institution.

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Applicants who select to arrange for official documents must submit transcripts, mark sheets and examination certificates from all institutions attended. Transcript(s) should identify the institution attended and show dates of attendance, examinations passed, grades awarded (official) and the degree awarded. All records should be mailed to 12 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522.

Delivery Services

Two copies of the evaluation are included (as well as two copies of the translation - if ordered). You can send two copies to one address or one copy to each of two addresses. You can order additional copies at $10 each.

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